4 Questions To Ask When Considering A Facility Closure Company

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Have you performed this type of facility closure before?faqs-iconfaqs-icon
Have you worked with other agencies when doing facility closures?faqs-iconfaqs-icon
Have you worked with legal representatives or attorneys in conjunction with facility closures?faqs-iconfaqs-icon
Can you handle this type of job?faqs-iconfaqs-icon

Let IDR Worry About It

Just some of the facility closures we ??? successfully.

Clayton Industries

City of El Monte

Owens Pacific

City of Los Angeles

Cib Agra

City of Irvine

Brea Hospital

City of Brea

ELA-Star Community Hospital

City of East Los Angeles

Robert F Kennedy Medical

City of Hawthorne

We Include Proof Of Closure Documentation For Government Agency Verification, Trust Verification, Or Bankruptcy Court Verification.

Medical Facility Closure Case Study

Extremely Hazardous Materials,

Bankruptcy Courts, Trusts and Attorneys

Complicated An Already Difficult Job

“Certain jobs can be more complicated than others. As was the case with this medical facility that contained infectious, pharmaceutical and radioactive materials. Add in the bankruptcy court, trusts and attorneys and you can see there was potential for catastrophe.

What do you think happened during the job?

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