Let IDR handle the disposal of your E-Waste material safely and effectively! Just a few of the items we can dispose of for you:








Spent Batteries

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors

Home Electronics-TV

Home Electronics


Mercury Containing Thermostats

Florescent Tubes & Ballasts

Fluorescent Tubes & Ballasts

Unused Pesticides

Unused Pesticides

E-Waste F.A.Q.’s

Question – Will I be paid for the e-waste I am disposing?

Answer – No.  Virtually all e-waste must be disposed of properly.

Question – Do I have to manifest all of my e-waste?

Answer – No.  Some e-waste does not require manifesting.  The waste will also not show up on your EPA large generator report if handled correctly.

Question – Can someone help me understand how to handle our e-waste properly so we don’t get fined?

Answer – Yes!  IDR can help by discussing cost saving ideas, , such as consultation, pick up schedules, waste minimization, compliance & proper waste storage.

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